Home Security

Keeping your home safe while you’re away

Whether you are on a vacation, a business trip, or even at the office, it is only normal that you want the peace of mind with the knowledge everything is secure at home. No matter what your reason for being away might be, taking necessary precautions can help you keep your home safe. How do you achieve this?

Security Check

Put everything at home on total lock down. From doors and windows to burglar bars and access to your garage, ensure your property is well protected so people do not snoop in and see that there is no human presence and discover what valuables may have been stored therein. Make sure that all of the door locks function properly, if not, call a locksmith and also ask for some security tips, and consider to install high security locks if needed.  If your garage door opener uses an automatic lock and you would be out for an extended period of time, ensure you disable the lock. This will prevent those with universal opener from gaining access to your property. In addition, it is also important to keep your social media posts in check. Posting vacation pictures are the confirmation unwanted guests need to be certain that your home is available for the next theft operation. Instead, save those pictures in an album and only share them with friends when you return.

The Right Impression

Do not leave the impression that there is lack of human presence back at home. Allowing the newspapers or mail pile up can serve as a big tip off for burglars. Instead, place the delivery on hold for the duration of your vacation or trip or ask a neighbor or friend to pick them up. In addition, make proper plans for cleaning to be done if you would be away for a long time.

Leaving your curtains or blinds the way they normally are will leave the impression that someone may still be at home. If they are normally open when you are around, shutting them tight will serve as a wrong signal. You may also allow neighbors make use of your driveway so the entry and exit of cars in your garage keeps the illusion that there is someone at home.

Call for help

Ask a neighbor or friend you trust to keep an eye on your property when you are away. If it is impossible for you to control the lights from your location, ask someone to turn specific lights on and off at different times to prevent prying eyes from noticing. If there is a neighborhood watch group, let them know you’ll be out of town for a while.

Ensuring your home is safe at all times is important, so it would hardly be ideal to feel relaxed about your security when you are away. These smart strategies will give you the peace of mind you need while you spend some time out of home.

Home Security