Lost Key
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Lost Key

Lost Key?

Uh oh! If you’ve ever experienced, you know that dreaded feeling. It’s a pit in your stomach kind of panic when you realize your keys are not where you thought they were, and they are most certainly not where they need to be in your hands. What you do at this moment could have a lot more consequences than just getting you safelyinside your locked vehicle, home, or office. The truth of the matter is that a lost key means more than a momentary inconvenience. It could mean that it will wind up in the hands of a would-be burglar.

It Happens To Everyone

Eventually, losing a key happens to just about everyone even the most responsible. It just happens, and usually when you are flustered, distracted, or running late for a very important meeting. Of course, you put it in the same place every night when you return home, but sometimes a child may pick it up and make off with it, or it falls behind a couch cushion, or you drop it unaware. The point is that coming out to service someone who has lost their keys is one of the most common calls a locksmith answers on a daily basis. So, don’t feel as if you are alone and the only one who has ever done anything so stupid. Others may not admit it, but they have most likely lost a key at least once in their lifetime as well.

Inconvenience of a Lost Key

After you get past the feeling and questioning of how did this happen, the inconvenience of losing a key is going to be the next thing you experience. It’s just plain inconvenient to misplace a key. You go to reach for the keys to start your car, and they just aren’t there. Or, you are ready to lock up your house or office, and the key is missing. At this point, you have to stop what you are doing and put everything on hold until you have a key in hand to get on with your day. Often, when the key goes missing, it is at the most inopportune times and usually when you are in the most hurry.

Lost Keys

Take Measures to Ensure You Never Lose a Key Again

If you are prone to losing your keys, it may be time to take steps to make sure you never lose them again. Make sure you always get in a routine of placing them on the same hook or the same spot in your house every night. If this isn’t enough, download an app that helps locate your keys. Or, have a keyless entry installed and keep the code in your memory or in a safe place. If someone gets access to the code, make sure your keyless entry system allows for you to change the codes from time to time to ensure your safety.

Safety Steps to Take After Losing a Key

You want to do more than just get a duplicate key made. While this will seemingly solve your problem of being locked out, the truth of it is that you never really know whose hands your key may have fallen into. Even if you find your lost key, someone may have had it long enough to make a copy of it and are waiting for an opportune time to use it to gain access to your car, your apartment, your home, or your office.

Don’t regret overlooking taking steps to ensure your future safety and security. Whenever you have lost a key, someone else may have a copy of it. This means, even when you lock up at night, your locks may not keep you safe since someone has a key that will unlock them. If you have lost your keys, especially to your home or place of business, you may want to have your locks changed entirely or at least look into having them rekeyed so you know you are once again the only one who has access to the locks that keep you secure.