Double Sided Deadbolt
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The importance of double sided lock

Double sided deadbolt lock on the door with window or glass door

So, you feel secure in your home with your deadbolt lock on your front door. But, what happens when you have a glass door at a point of entry? Glass doors are beautiful, and sliding glass doors are often more affordable and convenient to gain access to back yards or pools. What is the importance of a double sided lock on a glass door? With the threat of home burglaries, no amount of money is too much to ensure that you and your loved ones are safe.

A double-sided lock is a lock that has a keyhole or keyless entry code pad on both sides of the lock. A standard deadbolt only has one deadbolt cylinder on the exterior side of the door with a key thumb turn on the inside. This usually works well with solid doors, but when you have a glass door, there are extra safety concerns to take into account.

Glass doors are in absolute need of double-sided locks. With fragile panes of glass, all a burglar has to do to gain entry is to use a blunt object to shatter the glass and then reach inside to turn the thumb turn. The crook now has access to your home or office. With a double-sided lock, however, the same crook would need to not only break the glass but then pick or bump the lock from an awkward angle on the inside of the door with glass shards in the way. This is going to be a huge deterrent since the burglary will now require more time and skill to gain entrance.

Double Sided Deadbolt Lock

Safe From Break-Ins

Glass doors are easily broken, and then the inside lock simply turned to gain access. With a double-sided lock, a key is required to open the door. With sliding doors, lock bars secure the sliding door.

Keep Children Safe

Because a double-lock bolt can be installed at any height on the door, you are able to install a lock at a high level out of reach of children. A double sided lock on a glass door also protects children from wandering out a sliding glass door into a back yard pool.

Keyless Double-Sided Locks

Add an extra step of protection by installing a keyless entry double-sided lock. For these locks to be opened, they require a specific code to be used on both sides of the lock.


Of course, if your glass door is on a retirement or nursing home facility, a commercial building that has a lot of public traffic, or a daycare, you may want to think twice and make a careful assessment before installing a double lock. The reason for this is because, if there is an emergency such as a fire, the double lock is going to add an extra obstacle to get people out of the building.

If you are handy, you can attempt the installation of double locks yourself. Or, double locks are installed easily by a knowledgeable and skilled locksmith who has the necessary tools ready and available at their fingertips.